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Customers Benefits

Being part of Dealfoodie brings new and creative opportunities for finding deals

  • 1Free to use
  • 2Dining Experiences within your budget
  • 3Find offers directly from restaurants
  • 4Place bids nearby or set your own location
  • 5Try new restaurants that might be your new favorite place
  • 6Ability to negotiate directly with restaurants
  • 7Reserve dinner for two or even book a giant venue at a discounted rate
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Business Benefits

More paying customers in your restaurant equal more revenues

  • 1Drive heavy traffic to your business
  • 2Pick customer bids that fit your pricing
  • 3Potential to create new regulars
  • 4Save on marketing expenses
  • 5Ability to control business traffic
  • 6Low annual subscription fees
  • 7Safe and secure payment processing
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People Talking About Us

Kari Granleese quote

Due to COVID, traffic in my restaurants was reduced, even though we were following all the protocols. I was getting bid messages from DealFoodie and I decided to register my restaurant. It was free so I figured what could it hurt? Within a week I started to see additional traffic. Thank you DealFoodie!

-Cristina’s Burgers

Very thankful owner
Kari Granleese quote

My Dealfoodie story involves Dealfoodie saving my day. It was the weekend, I was tight on my budget, but I had promised my kids that I’d take them out. So I’m searching for some dinner deals near me and I came across DealFoodie on the Internet. I made a bid and within a few hours, I was able to book a restaurant at the price that I was willing to pay. Since that first night using DealFoodie, I have recommended the site to my office staff for our small get-together. It has really worked out. I suggest everyone give DealFoodie a try before booking any restaurant.

-Kari G

Mom of 2 hungry kids
John Doe quote

I love a deal, especially on food, however after hours of Google searches for coupons I typically can’t find much. I recently tried again and I came across DealFoodie. It’s like Name-Your-Own-Price for food. Now I am obsessed with making bids. I guess it is good for the restaurant too because they are getting a sale that they can fill during their off time. Basically I make a bid then I negotiate with the restaurant owner and settle for the best offer! So easy and kinda addictive!

- Michael P

Engineer looking for a deal

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