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How it works

We help you to give best food deals

How does it work for restaurants?

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In collaboration with Deal Foodie, you can appear in the top searches of foodie people. People who are looking for a good restaurant will create a bid according to their budget. You'll be notified of the bid and you can claim the bid if it fits within your budget. At the same time, if you think that the budget will be set after negotiating, then you can directly connect with the customer and finalize the deal. Your restaurant's name will appear at the top of the list, depending on the popularity and review of your restaurant. Moreover, restaurant owners can peep at the new bids around their location on the map and can claim the bid, if it perfectly fits their criteria.

How does it work for foodies?

If you are a foodaholic, then this is the place for you. Register yourself to get the best food deals at your favorite location, near your location, or at any other location, you crave. Create a bid and click "submit" for one person or a group. If a restaurant is unable to accommodate your bid, they can send a counter-offer. You can leverage it if you want. The lion's share of this bidding process is that your bid can be seen by neighboring restaurants in the area that you have selected. This will help you close the deal at the best price that you're willing to pay.

DealFoodie is one of the best platforms that offer great food deals and increase footfalls in restaurants. Just a few clicks of a small bidding process can crack a good food deal for you. From organizing a couple's date to set up your get-together, we create the cheapest and best food deals. Now it is easy to enjoy your food at your favorite restaurants on a budget.

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Encrypted transactions make payments more secure for both our partners and customers.


Comps, offers, promotions are transferred within 48 hours after purchase.


All transactions are made between customers and restaurants, there is no third party involvement. No confusion

Valid for 7 days from the issue date.

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